Throw Away The Key - A Spell to Banish Grief


Purpose: This is a ritual to aid one in ridding oneself of grief of any kind. This is a moving forward spell.

Materials: Five of Cups tarot card (these can be printed off the internet); candles in cheery colours, as many as you wish (I recommend tea candles or very small candles for this spell); an old key you don’t need (I prefer skeleton keys, which one can find in home decor stores); a glass of sweet red wine or any sweet drink; running water, such as a river or creek.

This spell is best done…: On a sunny day. Preferably in autumn. The waning moon. A Saturday. If you can find all these conditions in one day, you’ll be set, but don’t worry; they’re not requirements, just suggestions.


Cast circle and call quarters if desired. Ground and centre if necessary.

Place the Five of Cups in its reversed position (upside-down) on your altar or on a flat surface. Place the candle around it, and light them. Hold the key above the candle flames. In your mind, visualize the key being inserted into a lock on a door. The key turns, and the lock is opened, and so is the door. Say:

"No more sorrow, no more grief
I hold the key to set myself free.”

Sip the wine/drink. Allow yourself to once more taste the sweetness of life. When you’re ready, extinguish the candles. Release the quarters and close the circle if desired.

When you’re ready, on a sunny day, go to a river or running water. Toss the key into the water. Walk away, hold your head high, and do not look back until you’re all the way home.

Afterwards, if you still have the candles left, you may want to light them whenever you’re feeling down.

Spell written by: James Kambos
Spell from: Llewellyn’s 2014 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac
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Torun, Poland


Torun, Poland


Copernicus Monument, Torun, Poland


Title: Akademia Pana Kleksa (Academy of Mr Inkblot) 

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Gdańsk, Poland


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